• The best cuisine can only<br />come from the best products.

  • The aromas and flavours come from the <br />hot coals which have burned for decades.

  • The warmth of a typical country house, the seclusion of private<br />rooms and the enjoyment of a large outdoor terrace.

  • Saltxipi,<br />traditional Basque cuisine since 1973.

Deeply rooted on land
and from within the sea.

From this synthesis emerges our cuisine. We select the best products from the sea as well as from land. We treat our ingredients with respect and handle them with great delicacy to convert them into meals of superior quality.

from within the sea.

The unmistakable aroma and
flavour from our burning embers.

We have spent a lifetime cultivating our burning embers to intensify the flavour of our food and to unite the different aromas to showcase our savoury delights. Because nothing tastes the same as food cooked on a traditional open grill.

aroma and flavour from our burning embers.

Unique dining areas
for unique occasions.

The dining rooms are typical of a traditional country house. They bring together a discreet and cosy atmosphere with views, and a terrace surrounded by greenery, where you can breathe pure sea air which is nearby.

dining areas

We have followed the footsteps of our masters; first our grandparents and then our parents.

We have been working with traditional Basque cuisine for almost 50 years by following the rules our ancestors established. They cared for the quality, the flavour and the service for what they offered and to who visited them.